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Several reasons contribute to the emergence of call centers in India. The call center industry in India is thriving to new heights on a daily basis. Some of the several factors helping this boom in India are:
India' s stable Government and it's global dominance. India is rated as one of the 10 fastest-growing economies in the world.
Over Fifty years of democracy
Indian service sector contributes about 51 % of India's GDP.
Excellent investment potential: With liberal investment policies in India and ranked third in Asia, after Japan and China, in terms of investment potential.
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India Offers Multiple Advantages

India is a talent-rich country 

According to Nascom India will soon have the highest number of ISO-9000 software companies in the world.
Leading companies worldwide have realised that to maintain profits and stay ahead, one needs to reduce costs, provide a great quality of service that meets customers expectations, use reliable yet state of the art technology, and most importantly be innovative.
India has made a name for itself by establishing itself as the Outsourcing hub of the world. With multi lingual manpower with state-of-the-art modern Technology - A total solution for outsource turnkey projects can be provided. Presence of a huge resource which is educated, computer literate and speaks good English. India has the largest English speaking population after the USA

Favorable policies by the Indian Government toward IT and BPO. The government has allowed duty free imports of capital goods and providing tax exemption on export of IT enabled services amongst many other initiatives. 

Cost of basic telecom and Internet services has been dramatically brought down due to privatization.

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