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Travel Consolidators and Travel Agents all around the world are always on the look out for the best possible fares and deals for their clients. In order to circulate the special negotiated fares to a select group of consolidators & travel agencies one needs to successfully be able to display the same. A winning combination is getting a fare from the Airline and successfully loading and managing the same to the satisfaction of the end users.

The primary determining factor for fare loading apart from cost and quality is insufficient time availability with the travel sales consultant to follow up huge amount of fare sheets for various destinations in multiple airlines while speaking to his clients.

JTG Infotech (P) Ltd. offers value to its clients due to its vast experience and expertise on the subject. JTG's pool of skilled professionals with in-depth knowledge on fares enables us to not only provide outsourced Fares Loading Services, but also assist with the help of its suppliers, the development of fares related software tools.With the centralisation of your worldwide fare loading by us not only you save on cost and quality but also maximize on effective utilisation of resources thereby offering better services to your customers.

A brief description of some of our projects include:

  • Air Fare Loading for leading International Carriers for worldwide destinations
  • Fare loading for a leading UK based consolidator
  • Fare loading for major UK based online Travel Company
  • Customized loading of fares for specific destinations for quicker web results and immediate sale.
  • Fare loading on priority basis to meet clients business requirement.
  • Implementing online booking engine for customer thereby creating interactive web presence & awareness.

JTG has been servicing a leading consolidator in UK for loading of Air fares into the fare loading system. Our team helps to bring efficiencies to the client process & helps to achieve better productivity, quality & excellent service by enabling all its travel sales consultants to use a common platform to inquire for a fare between origin and destination. It further helps a user with a single point of interface to check various rules & regulations viz. routing, minimum/maximum stay, stopovers, flight restrictions.

JTG ensures timely & accurate loading of fares. We understand the urgency for fare availability to your client by adhering to deadlines & turnaround within a short span of time thereby enhancing your productivity, accuracy & sales.

We also offer customise loading of fares based on your requirement for specific destinations.

Once loaded fares are further scrutinised by Quality check team to ensure error free display of fares. Quality assurance is carried out completely for the trainees.

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